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Instinctive Chiropractic Albert Park

Welcome to Instinctive Chiropractic Albert Park! With the Instinctive brand in mind, Instinctive Chiropractic Albert Park has been constructed to remove the worries of the city. Our clinic provides a relaxing environment for clients to relax, unwind, and ease pain.

Our team of highly skilled and professional local chiropractors and chiropractic assistants work together to make you feel at home and cared for. All of our practitioners will be able to meet all your chiropractic and lifestyle needs and tailor a program that suits specific needs.

Scroll down to meet our Albert Park chiropractors.


Shop 4

36-44 Mills St,

Albert Park  VIC  3206

(03) 9988 0688









7am - 7pm

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8am - 1:30pm


Meet Our Albert Park Team
Instinctive Chiropractic director Dr. Simon Petersen
Dr Simon Petersen



Applied Kinesiologist

Dr Simon Petersen has been on an inspiring journey to reach his goal as the principle Chiropractor of Instinctive Chiropractic. After many years as a Geologist in Perth and Africa, Simon was inspired by a visit to a Chiropractor, so much so that he quit his job within 4 weeks and applied for the Chiropractic course.


Since completing the initial Chiropractic double degree at RMIT University Simon also undertook study in Applied Kinesiology, Visceral Biomechanics, Thompson Technique, SOT, Webster Protocol and paediatrics with Dr Braden Keil a renowned paediatric Chiropractor.


On his journey Simon was hit by a number of family tragedies that intensified his desire to help the community. His care is being vigorously sort by Olympic, AFL and Tennis stars, and now demanded by large corporate companies. His regular travels to Europe, America and New Zealand with Olympic Athletes has given him exposure to the most up to date techniques.


Along with his wife Emily also a Chiropractor, his son Noah, daughters Naavi and Charlize this dynamic family practice what they preach by incorporating regular Chiropractic care, organic food, exercise and positive attitudes. He loves what he does and does what he loves, which makes him the perfect choice for your family, sporting and corporate needs.

Dr Renee Forza


Dr Renee Forza has always had a keen interest in holistic health. After being introduced to chiropractic at a young age by her family chiropractor she developed a passion for the profession. Since completing a double bachelor degree in Chiropractic and Health Science at RMIT University, Renee has further expanded her expertise by completing studies in Dry needling and Cupping. This has enabled her to help others improve their overall wellbeing by utilising a natural, hands on approach.

Renee believes that each person is different to the next and there is no "one size fits all" solution. Through thorough examination and personalised treatment she aims to provide each individual with the best possible outcome. She understands that there are many different aspects that can impact a person's wellbeing; physical, biochemical and mental health all hold equal value in maintaining a healthy balance and allowing the body to reach its optimum potential. Renee hopes to help others as well as educate them on their way to discovering a happier and healthier version of themselves.

Outside of work she enjoys regular pilates and yoga, reading, walking her little fluffball, travelling to new places and cooking Italian food. She is always trying new things and believes there is always something new to learn, explore and experience.

Dr. Roshan Gunasakaran


Dr Roshan aspires to deliver beyond mediocrity when it comes to delivering care to all his patients which is to offer utmost excellence in care to attain the best results with

chiropractic. Having been exposed to the healthcare realm from a very young age through both his mother and sister who were both nurses in private clinic and hospitals, he developed a strong passion of emulating their footsteps by being a healthcare provider and ultimately knew he had a lot to offer in the industry.


Roshan graduated in 2015 from a renowned Malaysian medical institute-International Medical University (IMU) and holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chiropractic. He has also successfully completed the Australian Chiropractic Board exam at Macquarie University, Sydney. Through this journey, Roshan obtained knowledge of highly effective methods of chiropractic (Thompson, Diversified and Webster technique coupled with functional movement rehabilitation and dietary evaluation)

aligned with an evidence based approach, which he applies in the treatment of his patients.

Reaching out to the community and creating awareness on conservative remedy with chiropractic for spinal back pain (including pregnant mothers), headaches, joint pain and relatable neuromusculoskeletal conditions has been his ultimate goal. He is fond of delivering up to date and informative chiropractic health talks to the general public and corporations on a monthly basis during his tenure in Malaysia.  Also having keen interests in the sporting realm and actively involved in futsal, football and long distance running,


Roshan conducted the first ever research in Malaysia at the medical institute on chiropractic care and its efficacy in sports performance; Title 'THE IMMEDIATE EFFECTS OF CHIROPRACTIC SACROILLIAC JOINT ADJUSTMENT ON THE PERFORMANCE OF RECREATIONAL FUTSAL PLAYERS.';


The outcome showed promising results and thus inspired him to also work closely with athletes from various range of sports and enable them to enhance their sports performance in the most natural way and reducing sports injuries with an appropriate approach through chiropractic care.


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Suzanne Forshaw

Chiropractic Assistant

Suzanne has a cheerful approach to life, making the most of each day creating smiles and laughter for all to enjoy.  She has an encouraging nature with a genuine heart leaving you with your spirits lifted.


After a long career in retail management Suzanne discovered the joy in supporting others and witnessing change in their development.  Discovering a passion for motivating others as well as digging deeper to understand her own self, has lead her down the health and wellness path where she completed a Double Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy at the Phoenix Institute and Ikon Institute in Melbourne.


To further expand her skill set Suzanne’s interest then moved into a one stop health food shop where her connection to wellness went from strength to strength.  Overtime certain principles of health became an important part of her daily self-care incorporating exercise, clean water, clean air, organic plant based wholefoods, sunshine, passion, rest and relationships.  Suzanne believes having a holistic view is an important aspect to maintain health and wellbeing.  She believes introducing tiny habits produces wellness freedoms in time; you just need to start.  Suzanne encourages others to take action and to get excited about the differences you can make in your own life, reminding people, ‘you’re in charge’.


To maintain balance, Suzanne enjoys challenging herself with pilates, hiking, biking riding and PT Training…that’s not without time for play which means quality time shared with those close to her and lots of delicious snacks…Yum!

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