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Instinctive Chiropractic Wantirna

Located within the business centre, Instinctive Chiropractic Wantirna provides convenient chiropractic services for families, business people, athletes, tradespeople, and shift workers.

With the Instinctive brand in mind, our Melbourne chiropractic clinic aims to provide quality care and service to our clients by guiding, inspiring, motivating and education them about their health and wellbeing.

We would love you to scroll down and meet our dynamic team of local chiropractors and chiropractic assistants who can assist you to reach your full potential.

Meet Our Wantirna Team
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Dr Simon Petersen



Applied Kinesiologist

Dr Simon Petersen has been on an inspiring journey to reach his goal as the principle Chiropractor of Instinctive Chiropractic. After many years as a Geologist in Perth and Africa, Simon was inspired by a visit to a Chiropractor, so much so that he quit his job within 4 weeks and applied for the Chiropractic course.


Since completing the initial Chiropractic double degree at RMIT University Simon also undertook study in Applied Kinesiology, Visceral Biomechanics, Thompson technique, SOT, Webster Protocol and paediatrics with Dr Braden Keil a renowned paediatric Chiropractor.


On his journey Simon was hit by a number of family tragedies that intensified his desire to help the community. His care is being vigorously sort by Olympic, AFL and Tennis stars, and now demanded by large corporate companies.His regular travels to Europe, America and New Zealand with Olympic Athletes has given him exposure to the most up to date techniques.


Along with his wife Emily also a Chiropractor, his son Noah, daughters Naavi and Charlize this dynamic family practice what they preach by incorporating regular Chiropractic care, organic food, exercise and positive attitudes. He loves what he does and does what he loves, which makes him the perfect choice for your family, sporting and corporate needs.

Dr. James Jabbour
Chiropractor, Sports

Dr. James Jabbour’s first-hand experience as an athlete sparked his interest in the function of the human body and into becoming a chiropractor. Continued involvement in demanding sports such as cycling, running and functional training have kept him focused on continuing to move and feel well, motivating him to help others do the same. Over the years, James has spent time around Australia training and working with renowned chiropractors where he furthered his chiropractic studies in management of individuals throughout all ages. Dr. James has a whole person approach to chiropractic, focusing not only on spine care but in all aspects of life and its impact on health. Using personalised therapy and ongoing reviews, he aims to assist his clients in reaching their health goals to living a better life.

Damian Di Manno
Family Therapist / Counsellor

Damian is a therapist with over two decades of experience in the mental health field. My journey in

this profession began with a deep-seated passion for helping individuals and families find fulfillment

and overcome life's challenges.


In my practice, I work closely with both teenagers and individuals of all ages. I understand the

unique struggles teenagers face during their journey to independence, and I'm equally committed to

supporting individuals as they navigate the complexities of life.


My expertise spans various mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, family conflicts,

trauma, grief, and social and emotional difficulties. I'm here to help you navigate these challenges,

offering unwavering support and a compassionate perspective.


I find immense fulfillment in witnessing individuals and families break free from old patterns and not

only survive but truly thrive. Together, we can explore your inner strengths and work towards

personal growth and transformation. Your well-being is my priority, and I'm excited to embark on

this journey with you.

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5/603 Boronia Road

Wantirna VIC 3152 



Ph: (03) 9431 4343

Available for appointment via phone 7am - 7pm

Monday - Saturday

Office open times.

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